XIU LIAN --The Genuine Science.




Taoism not only speaks of cultivating the heart and the spirit, but at the same time to perfect life. Takes into account the cultivation of the psychic spirit and the praxis of the body. This system is the Xiu Lian.

Xiu Lian is the essential content of Taoism; its genuine true science.

Taoism states, "To cultivate the spirit and at the same time exercise the body, is sufficient for obtaining a long life."

Applied Taoism to reach longevity does not prohibit desire. Taoism declares that nature and desire are natural, but the excess of desire is not compatible with the Tao.

We read, "To purify the heart and to moderate desire. Xiu Lian is not opposed to daily life."

There is a difference between Chi Kung and Xiu Lian. The former is a fundamental part of the later and derives from Taoism.

In the East there are several superficial types of Chi Kung, they doní»t have the depth of the Xiu Lian.

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