Taoist conception of life and the Universe consist of a philosophy and a praxis. With the Taoist praxis, a person can unite the Tao and life to obtain a happy, healthy and long life. Also reach the state of immortality; solving the great event of life and death.

Taoism cultivates simultaneously the spirit and the body through the practice of a system called "Xiu Lian". "Xiu Lian" is not opposed to daily life. Applied Taoism to reach longevity, does not forbids desire, but purifies the heart and moderates desire. Life can be prolonged and health preserved, thus reaching balance and harmony; increasing personal development and improving social behavior. In our era is a safe way to peace and happiness for humanity.

The Tao-te Ching and Taoism always orient man to pay attention to life, for example, returning to nature and protecting the environment. In the present world, just by the single fact of turning to the nature of the spirit of Taoism, the most important events like disease and death can be solved all the way to eternity.







Lao Zi and the TAO-TE CHINGHow a Master is Made