The Ten Principles of the Essential Xiu Lian Theory


1. Cultivate the Tao in the inside and to nurture virtue on the outside.

2. Tao is expressed through the Sacred Books and the Master is the one who must explain them.

3. The law of Tao is natural; by means of tranquillity true Tao can be known.

4. The fundamental thing of the Xiu Lian is to practice for one self and later teach other people.

5. True Tao is not complicated and it is always found in the middle path.

6. Theory and praxis always go together.

7. The individual identifies himself with society; the Tao should be cultivated in this world.

8. Cultivate the spirit and to exercise the body goes together; the most important thing is to prolong life.

9. Woman and man are equal, but woman has more advantages in the Xiu Lian that man.

10. Longevity is part of life; depends of us.








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