Temple of Purity and Silence


Inside the Catalonia Taoist Association, one finds the Temple of Purity and Silence, the only Taoist temple of Europe. The altar is dedicated and has a representation to Lao Zi (Tai Shang Lao Jun), the main deity of Taoist cult.

Qingjing Tample Altar

Periodically, Master Tien Cheng Yang, as a Taoist Master (title similar to that of priest) celebrates ceremonies, by the Taoist rite, to explain the meaning of aspects of this belief to members of the Association.

Altar Closeup

The impression of the temple reflected by an altar imprints a ceremonial atmosphere to all the enclosure of the Association. Throughout the eastern style premises, there are plenty of Taoists symbols, such as the yellow color of its walls, associated to Yin, the Earth and the moon. The ceiling of reddish color associated to Yang, the sun and heaven. Thus generating a microcosmic environment between heaven and Earth, where we stand.


Its curtains are perfectly integrated to its surroundings, according to the laws of the Feng Shui, to take advantage of all the powerful energy of the premises and to eliminate bad energy.

Talismans are distributed all around the enclosure, to attract the good Yang energy, causing a stream of positive energy throughout the temple.

The sober decoration provides an ambiance ideal for meditation practice. Low lighting, and the warm atmosphere, calls for inner reflection and for practising breathing and Qi Gong, in a cosy atmosphere for the apprentice.

Visitors notice several calligraphies of delicate execution by Master Tian, and totally in balance with the enclosure, that beautifully decorate the Association with quotations, reflecting the characteristics of the Tao and Taoism.



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