Sacred Article

Tai Shang Lao Jun Qing Jing Jing


Lao Zi in heaven is called "Tai Shang Lao Jun" that is, "God of Taoism."
The article explains the purity and the tranquillity experienced by the person who practices and understands the Tao.


The Tao is not a form,
Produced Heaven and Earth.

The Tao is not an egoist,
Make the sun and the moon work.

The Tao is not a name,
Generated the entire Universe.

I did not know how to name it,
I called it "Tao".

The Tao
have the purity and the turbulence,
Has the movement and the tranquillity.

Heaven is pure and the Earth is turbulent,
Heaven is active and the Earth is calm.

Man is simple and woman is complex,
Man is active and woman is calm.

The Tao circulates from beginning to end,
Thus it originates all the ten thousand beings of the Universe.

Purity is the origin of turbulence,
Movement is the foundation of the tranquillity.

If I could be always pure and calm,
Heaven and Earth would come to me.

The human spirit is always pleased with purity,
But the Heart disturbs it.
The human Heart is always pleased with tranquillity,
But desire moves it.
Desire is always overcome,
Later, the Heart naturally returns to tranquillity.
The Heart is always purified,
Later, the Spirit naturally returns to purity.
Naturally the six desires become sterile. (1)
And the three harms are eliminated. (2)

Why this can not be done?
Because the Heart is not purified and desire is not overcome.
If the Heart can be purified and desire overcome:
To observe the interior of the Heart,
The Heart feels as if there was not anything.
To observe outside of the body,
The body feels as if there was not anything.
To observe far away towards the things,
The things feel as if there was not anything.

If the three parts can be observed,
Is like observing only blankness.
To observe blankness is also blank,
Because does not exists.
The blankness of blank is already nothing,
The nothingness of nothing is also nothing.
The nothingness of nothing already is nothing,
Clarity is always its state.

Clarity is as if clarity did not existed,
Desire is like setting itself to produce!
Desire no longer can produce,
That is real tranquillity.
The Heart always observes the things with tranquillity,
The spirit always observes the things with the purity.
If the things were always observed with tranquillity and purity,
You can always be calm and pure.

Thus always calm and pure,
Little by little one enters the true Tao.
Since to enter the Tao,
It is called to realize the Tao.
Although it is called to realize the Tao,
In fact it is not to realize anything.

To educate all the living beings,
For that reason it is called to realize the Tao.
If it is possible to grasp this way,
This is how is possible to be able to understand
the sacred Tao.

The superior person does not dispute,
The inferior person always disputes.
The superior person does not need virtue,
The inferior person needs virtue.

Why seek virtue?
Because the Tao¡¯s virtue is unknown.
Why Tao¡¯s virtue is unknown?
Because the heart is always moved by many improper desires.
When moved by many improper desires,
The heart disturbs the spirit.
When the spirit is disturbed,
Then adheres to the improper things.
When adheres to the improper things,
Then greed and pretension takes place.
As greed and pretension takes place,
Then annoyance and anguish are richened.
Improper desires, annoyance and anguish,
Always pressure and bother the body and the heart.
Then if disturbance and suffering are found,
One wanders in Life and Death.
Always sunk in the abyss of misery,
Always losing the true Tao.

The true and real Tao can be achieved naturally by just being aware.
If the Tao is grasped,
We can always be pure and calm.

Tai Shang Lao Jun Qing Jing Jing (ancient text)

1. To see the color trough the eyes; to hear the sound trough by the ears; to smell the scent by trough the nose; to taste the flavor by the tong; touch the body by the sense of tact and to think the idea by the thought.

2. Harmming of sight, ear and speech.

Article from of the book Knowing Taoism, by Master Tien Cheng Yang