The meaning of the Taoist symbol

The symbol of Taoism is called "The drawing of Tai Chi, Yin Yang and Pa Kua". The drawing created by Fu Xi (legendary personage, considered the first sovereign of China). During his time there were no Chinese writing characters and people dressed in tree leaves. Chinese characters and silk clothing were created at the time of the first emperor Huang Di, (2697-2599 B.C.). So during the time of Fu Xi, more than 5000 years ago, the first sprout of Taoism was born.

1. Taoism has faith in the Tao, considered to be the spirit of the Universe, and the creator of all beings, including humanity. The Tao produces the universe; the universe produces the Yin and the Yang when the two combine all the ten thousand beings of the universe take place. So the Yin and the Yang are the two most important energies of the universe. In the center of symbol, the two parts are the Yin and the Yang.

2. In our world, the Yin and the Yang represent the moon and the sun. The yellow color is the moon and the red color is the sun. Taoism considers that the energy of heaven comes from the sun and the energy of earth comes from the moon. The energy of the woman comes from the moon and the earth (the period has relation with the regularity of the moon). The energy of man comes from the sun and heaven. In Taoism we do not say "Yan Yin," but "Yin Yang," as we say "ladies and gentlemen," for that reason Taoism is not male chauvinist.

3. Each part of the Yin and the Yang symbol occupies half of the area; it means both are equal and in balance. Taoism believes that if this two parts energy arrive at a balance, peace of the universe can be maintain and shows the progressive criterion of Taoism where: "man and woman are equal". Contrary to Confucianism that believes that "man is noble and woman is inferior" and "woman must submit to the mandate of her husband."

4. The yellow color within red and red within yellow show that the Yin and the Yang cannot exist alone; the two are always communicating and exchanging. For this reason, the ten thousand beings of the Universe can live and evolve progressively.

5. These two parts, the Yin and the Yang, have a big head and a small tail, symbolizing the two universal energies that are circulating and developing. We can see that the Yin or the Yang is growing from a small thing to a great thing. When either one of them grow to its fullness, then changes and the other starts growing; meaning that in the Universe there is non absolutely omnipotent thing; always another opposed part exists to restrict it. The two types of energy are always circulating, thus our Universe is not still but always in movement.

6. Around the Yin and the Yang, the eight threegrams--called "Pa Kua," are formed. Representing the Yin and the Yang when they unite by different combinations that take place due to all kinds of beings in the Universe. Although they have different forms they coexist in an ordered unit, thus representing the harmony of the universe.

The upper external circle, with Chinese characters ordered from left to right, symbolizes Eastern culture spreading to the West; in the lower part from right to left in Catalonian languaje, represent the Western culture propagating to the East, symbol of the exchange and communication between Eastern and Western cultures. Like the Yin and Yang energies, that can derive mutual benefit, accomplishing balance, harmony, peace and happiness in our world.







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