How a Master is Made



The true Tao can be realized by means of merging Taoist philosophy and praxis.

Taoism is a way of life. Just by cultivating the spirit and exercising the body, we reach balance and harmony increasing personal development and improving social grace. Is possible to unite the Tao and life to obtain a happy, healthy and long life. In addition we can reach the state of immortality, thus solving the great events of life and death. The essence of Taoism is not in the form, but in its content. This content has always been transmitted from generation to generation from Master to disciple. When a person reaches the requirements of discipleship of Taoism, he is called a "Taoist."

For more than 5000 years, the essential content of Taoism was kept very secret and closed. Ancient Taoists Masters were hermits. The Taoist Master always taught to a single disciple and was very strict to decide on taking an apprentice. For that reason, it is so important to have an experienced Master who transmits the teachings. Without a Taoist Master to open the way, we can not know True Taoism.

Master Tian Cheng Yang learned Taoism since he was six years old with his grandfather. In 1982 went to live in the Tai Qing Gong Taoist Temple in the Lao Shan Mountain. Spent seven fruitful years studying and practicing Taoism in depth.

In 1985 after finishing his studies with the great Masters, Master Tian went to locate hermit Taoist Masters in order to compile, organize and unify the Taoist secrets.

In 1989, the China Taoist Association transferred him to Beijing.

During his twenty years of studies, he has read more than 10,000 Taoist books (including the Secret Codices) about the remote past, impregnating himself deeply with the teachings of ancient sources. He experienced, cultivated and practiced Taoism day after day.

Today is very difficult for modern readers of ancient Taoist books to understand them and for that reason, a Master is needed for explaining them. Without one it's impossible to have a true understanding of Taoism. For that reason, Master Tian published numerous articles and books in China, so that the Chinese knew the Way. On the other hand, in Beijing, Master Tian developed Taoist courses for groups comming from the West; looking for different aspects of Taoism such as: philosophy, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Feng Shui, I Ching and Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Master Tian has realized that Taoism is necessary and good for the West. It is evident that Westerners need a great and true Master of the Tao.

In the 5000 years of history of Taoism, there is no record that any Chinese Master had come to the West. Master Tian from the depths of his being, knew that he had the obligation to spread Taoism in the West; this is his mission. For that reason Master Tian has been the first Chinese Taoist Master to arrive in Europe to spread Taoism throughout the world.

Master Tian has reformed some archaic customs to adapt them to the needs of the present time and to the social and cultural conditions of the people.

On May 2001, Master Tian with his students and other followers founded the Catalonia Taoist Association and in October he established in Barcelona the Temple of Purity and Silence, the first European Taoist temple. There he established the Spanish Taoist Institute, where he is dedicated to teach Taoism to the Spaniards who wish so. With the purpose of disclosing the practical form of the Taoist culture to the West, he teaches among others: meditation, Tai Chi, Xiu Lian, Inner Alchemy, Inner Chi Kung, massage, Martial Arts, Taoist philosophy and Chinese language.





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