Master Tian Mailbox


Master Tian Cheng Yang answers:

Due to the avalanche of questions to the Master, that have taken place through the Catalonia Taoist Association web page, he has decided to open a Q&A section, so all of us can take advantage of the lessons that the Master has to offer.

In this section, Master Tian Cheng Yang, will answer question that he considers are appropriate for expounding and clarifying concepts that constantly are asked him on Taoism.

1. Questions should be addressed respectfully to the attention of Master Tian Cheng Yang.

2. The questions will have to be specific about any subject related to Taoism.

3. General open questions which require long comments, will be kept for future articles in the Web page.

4. The person will be notified by email either that the answers will or will not appear in the Web page.

5. The questions will have to include at least the name and place (city and country). E-mails will not be made public unless with the express will of the sender.

This section is still under-construction.

"To the attention of Master Tian Cheng Yang "

Master Tian e-mail: gongy9@163.com/qingjinggong@126.com






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