To Merge with the Tao of the Universe


The Tao-te Ching says: "The Tao shows an empty form, but in its depths ten
thousand beings can fit! (Chapter 4)

The beings of the universe are generated from the Tao. The Tao is the spirit of the universe. If the diversity of living beings on earth cannot be maintained, its existence will be threatened. For the same reason, if we do not have the will to accept the cultural diversity of the world, we will not be able to maintain the general culture of humanity--nor will be able to work with the Tao. There are no limits to the Tao. For that reason, Taoism always has had good relations with other cultures and its praxis have easily spreaded to the West.

If we can't protect cultural diversity, we will not be able to advance human civilization and merge with the Tao of the universe.

------ Master Tien, for The Voice of Religious Communities book of the 2004 Forum.






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