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Knowing Taoism
By Master Tian Cheng Yang
Kair¨Žs Publishing



Taoism is China's own culture; its root. With a history of more than 5000 years, is one of the oldest cultures of the World.

This is the first book written by the Chinese Taoist Master Tian ChengYang (Tian Su Chun) on this topic and in Spanish.

Master Tian had been practicing Taoism for more than 30 years. At age six, he began his first studies of ancient Chinese culture with his grandfather, a Chinese traditional doctor. Later, at age of 17, he entered the Tai Qing Gong Taoist temple of Mountain Lao Shan and for seven years learned and practiced Taoism. Eventually he was designated researcher of the China Taoist Association Research Center, to which he is member to date.

He has read more than 10,000 Taoist books (including the Secret Codices), imbuing himself deeply in the teachings of ancient sources.

Close to the great Masters, he learned the most important secret methods; he experienced, cultivated and practiced Taoism day after day. He has published numerous books and articles in China, accrediting him as an eminent Master of Taoism and the Chinese traditional culture.

This book clearly explains to Westerners willing to apply the subjects of Taoism such as history and philosophy, and practical Taoism such as meditation, Chi Kung, massage, the Tai Chi, the Sword and the Feng Shui.

The essence of the Taoist body of knowledge remained sealed and very secret for more than 5000 years; in this book he opens a door to those mysteries so jealously kept.

Supplies us the inner knowledge of Taoism. The Master reveals the authentic Taoism including the oral tradition of the method, with the authority of his own experience of so many years.

This book quotes first hand Taoists data gathered by Master Tian and also his research conclusions in the field, which takes to us to drink of the same source of the thought of the Master.





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