By Master Tian Cheng Yang




Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Taoist science that harmonizes the shape of the house with the environment. Feng Shui art is one of the secrets of Taoist wisdom, with a history of 5000 years.

In the Tao-te Ching Lao Zi tells us, "To live in the good place" (Chapter 8). Another Taoist maxim states: "The environment determines the person; for a happy life it is necessary to choose a good Feng Shui."

Former Taoists sages applied Feng Shui in the Chinese Imperial court; for example the Imperial Palace of Beijing was designed by the disciple of the great Taoist Master Liu Bo Wen.

Master Tian, researching about Feng Shui in China has visited the places where emperors, influential officials and rich and powerful people of ancient dynasties lived.

He also has researched Feng Shui of some places in Spain.

In the West, there are two schools of Feng Shui:

1. The school of the shapes

2. The school of the compass.

Master Tian considers that both use superficial knowledge, but not the essential Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has a direct influence on life, wealth, power, social position, positions in government, money, longevity, work, moods, prosperity, joy, fame, aids, friends, clients, business, relations, education, creativity, health, love, marriage, family, children, purpose, luck, ancestors, harmony, peace, happiness and other aspects. Remarkable influences exist.

The lack of energy in the house (and the grave), has a negative influence for the person; for example: diseases, misfortunes, anguishes, failures, depressions, anxieties, deficiencies, bad luck, obstacles, loneliness, nervousness, dangers, calamity, misfortune, imbalance, difficulties, suffering, pain, blows, robbery, loss, scandal and others. For these reasons Feng Shui is very important for life.


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