Barcelona, December 5, 2003

Dear president Min, vice-president Zhang and secretary Yuan:

We have received the fax form your Association. We feel sorry that you can¡¯t come by being busy with the Taoist Dong Zhi celebration, but thank you very much for your wholehearted support and for praising our work with much energy and enthusiasm.

Soon during the cerebration of the second anniversary of our temple Qing Jing Gong, we will let every body know about your letter. We think it will be of great motivation for Taoist believers in Spain. We have a high respect for you--long before knowing your honorable feces through the magazines of your Association that were brought by Master Tian. Although at this time you cannot attend this celebration of our temple, we were are happy with your encyclica as if it were the blessing of Lao Zi and his halo reflected for the whole world.

Even if we are not in the same place and have different customs as races, we have the same heart capable of loving China with passion and the spreading of Taoism. To support our planet and help humanity--promoting peace for everyone, that is our common destiny.
Two years ago when we established the temple Qing Jing Gong, Master Tian suggested to invite your Association to visit Spain, but at that time we did not have sufficient funds to make this come about as we wished for so long. In the same way, we considered since then, that when having an important official celebration, we wanted to invite you again to orient our Association.

Through the work of our Association we have spreaded the Taoist culture and now two cities of Spain, Seville and Malaga, are prepare to establish their own Taoist Associations and through our Association in Catalonia, we want to register officially the Spain Taoist Association. Also we have students in the country of Andorra and want to establish the Europe Taoist Association as soon as we have the opportunity.

Also we are adding other different languages (Spanish, Chinese, English and French) to our Taoist Web page, to be able to spread Taoist culture to the world. But overall, we are aware that China¡¯s Taoism is and will always be our root.

Master Tian¡äs book Knowing Taoism, which has been published by the well-established Kair¨®s Publishing, has been greatly received. It has left precious Taoists lessons in us and this seed already is taking root and sprouting, because its bud is growing robustly.

The Spanish government has accredited Taoism in Spain and the Temple Qing Jing Gong. Master Tian will celebrate with us the second anniversary of the Temple Qing Jing Gong and when success has been obtained, "Get out of the way" as the word of Lao Zi states. Later, he wants to return to your Association. We are thankful to your Association that has prepared the new generation of Taoist talents, which has completely verified the authenticity of the policy of religious freedom of the Chinese government. Also we are thankful to your association for sending us such an excellent guide. Master Tian has work hard in an effort to establish the Spanish Taoist Association, the Temple Qing Jing Gong and writing the book Knowing Taoism. We have established a deep friendship and at the same time that we thank the Master for his stay here with us, and we apologize for making him spend years of his valuable time among us Westerners.

We think of ourselves as a branch of Chinese Taoism and we also take hold of the good tradition of ancient Taoism with perseverance and agreed in following the same steps of your Association--we will be in the front line spreading Chinese and Taoist culture.

We sincerely wish to be able to strengthen the bond of our associations, countries and to develop a greater degree of friendship and deep understanding and unity so that everybody can knows about China and Taoism spreads throughout the world.
Until soon!

Catalonia Taoist Association of Spain
Temple of Purity and Silence of Spain