What is Taoism?



Taoism is China's own culture. It is at the root of its culture. It is in its history and customs reason why it has more than 5000 years, being one of the oldest cultures of the World.

Taoism has faith in the Tao, considered to be the origin of the Universe and the creator of all beings including humanity.

Through Taoist praxis, people can unite Tao and Life in order to get a happy, healthy and long Life. Also reach immortality; solving the great event of Life and Death.

Taoist content has always been transmitted generation after generation from Master to disciple. When a person meets Taoist qualifications for discipleship is called a "Taoist."

Taoism in its content includes a philosophy and a praxis on the conception of the Universe and of Life. In Taoism, both are always united and they originated from experience. Conscience originated from praxis.

Taoism always has taken reality, life and knowledge into account, becoming its essential characteristics.

The essence of Taoism is not in its form but in its content. Taoist form has been always undergoing changes at each place and time, but its traditional content was kept always and continues to develop. -----Master Tian, Knowing Taoism





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