(The Three Tan)



The Tan Tien in the traditional phonetic writing of Chinese language is Dan Tian. Dan is cinnabar; meaning inner alchemy. Tian is equivalent to field. To practice Xiu Lian is like planting the seed in the field: the root brings forth the sprout; leaves and branches grow and blooms and the fruit ripens. The principle of a plantation is compared with the praxis, affirming that they are equal. For that reason the Tan Tien is called the Field of Inner Alchemy. Taoist Chi Kung is a fundamental part of the Xiu Lian, and is practiced from the Tan Tien to lay the foundation.

In the Xiu Lian, three Tan Tien are described:

1. Upper Tan Tien.
2. Middle Tan Tien.
3. Lower Tan Tien.

It is generally stated that the three are united in the lower Tan Tien, which is known by other names: Qi Hai (the Sea of Chi), Yuan Hai (the Origin of the Sea), Sheng Men (the Door of Life), Qi Xue (the Point of Chi) and some others. The Tan Tien is below the navel. This is a parameter for the laying person--not standing.









The Ten Principles of the Essential Xiu Lian TheoryChou Qian