The Chou Qian Process


1. Quite the mind and with a sincere faith in front of the altar, at the same time give alms to the brush.

2. Ignite three Chinese incenses sticks and offer them in the censer of Tao Te Tian Zhun (Lao Zi, God of Taoism) to communicate with the Spirit of Tao. The distance between incense sticks is approximately two centimeters.

3. Postrate in front of the altar three times according to the rite of Taoism.

4. The person is kneeled before Lao Zi and will only think about the wish.

5. The Master increases the energy of the sticks in the altar.

6. The sticks are shaken in the bamboo tube, until finally one of the forty-nine sticks standout.

7. The number of the stick is confirmed and after a brief reading of the book the Master explains the final result.

8. After clarifying any questions, the person goes back and postrates to thank Lao Zi.

Followers of Taoism, who would like readings about their destiny, may contact

Master Tian in the Temple of Silence in Barcelona.
For information please call cellphone 610.814.064






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