The Chou Qian (stick selection) is a system of divination or conflict resolution that is similar in some aspects to the famous I Ching, although less well known in the West.



The date of its creation is unknown, although it is known that during the Shang Dynasty (1500-1066 B.C.) was already in use. The I Ching method to obtaining an answer to our inquires consists in striking the Chou Qian.

The Chou Qian is a piece of bamboo, where forty-nine numbered wood sticks are introduced. The method has been simplified to just the extraction of the outstanding small stick after several bamboo strikes. The stick has a number to make the reading in the book and so we have the answer to read the future.

This system is a way of connecting with a superior global and objective reality, to which each individual during his daily life is not able to access, for reasons of social conditioning, emotions, desires and activities that blind the underlying plot of the question that we wish to elucidate.

The key for a good reading, is to adopt a state of introspection, sincerity, modesty and honesty; an attitude of wanting to know with respect--after all, what we are asking is or isn't important for us?

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