Knowing Taoism

"People will become better when they cultivate and practice Taoism with this book."


"People will become better when they cultivate and practice Taoism with this book."

"My first contact with the Tao took place during my childhood at the age of six, due to the influence of my grandfather. During my school years I was enchanted with the ancient books of China about the Tao and its secrets. In 1982 I began my studies on Taoism. In that same year I went to live in the Tai Qing Gong Taoist temple in the Lao Shan Mountain."

"Taoism is a way of life. Just by the single fact of cultivating the spirit and exercising the body, we reach balance and harmony and increase personal development and improve social grace. Is possible to unite with the Tao and life to obtain a happy, healthy and long life. This has been examined and verified throughout Chinese history, where the way life was always very related to Taoism. Even today is still so since it is a tradition, and in our era constitutes a safe way for the happiness of humanity."

"Nevertheless, in ancient China for more than 5000 years, the essence and content of Taoism was kept very secret and closed. Ancient Taoists Masters were always hermits, they cultivated the land and practiced in the mountains, or they took the praxis secretly to the city. The Taoist Master always taught to a single disciple and was very strict to decide on taking an apprentice (like looking for gold nuggets). For that reason it is so important to have an experienced Master who transmits the teachings. Without a Taoist Master to open the way we can not know True Taoism."

"Tradition assures that Taoism became pure and noble and the Taoists Masters also had to be so thus reaching a high level of wisdom. This contributed to the creation of a mysterious and distant body of knowledge, being thus very difficult for common people to learn it. Impostors supplanted the true Taoism to swindle and to obtain fame and fortune. Now days this situation is much more common than in the past. This is why it has not been possible to reach the true and authentic Taoist knowledge."


"In today's world, where universal culture tends towards a greater and fast exchange, the culture of Taoism also must be spread everywhere. This is also its future, since it comprises part of the universe and its intrinsic value touches all of humanity, being essential for her. Taoism has sufficient vital force to include the whole planet, as has happened with some manifestations that have been assimilated gradually in the West."

"From the depths of my being, I know that I have the obligation to spread Taoism; this is my mission."


"My Spanish students--with whom I have been living, have always advised to me to write a book for Westerners as a better way of opening the path for true Taoism. The inherent principles of Taoism are of top level and great depth. To limit my self to theoretical explanations and to make appearances is not sufficient to be able to assimilate the lessons well, since the situation here is not comparable to the one in China where everybody practices Taoism daily through the practice of Tai Chi or Chi Kung."


"This book tries to be an initiation to Taoism. I explain the theory and the basic praxis. From here I open a door to the mysterious Taoist contents that have remained closed for more than 5000 years. Here I am speaking about the authentic Taoism for Westerners, with the authority that the experience of twenty years has giving me.

In this book I only explain the fundamental Taoists principles, that are the essential foundation to access the highest levels. First of all, this is a practical book destined to guide Westerners in learning Taoism. As Lao Zi said, "For a journey of a thousand Li, the first step is the most important."

"If a Taoist Master is not at hand to open the way, true Taoism can not be known."

Taoist Master Tian Cheng Yang
Introduction, Knowing Taoism

Where to find the book of Master Tian Cheng Yang

The book is available only in Spanish.

Starting July 21, 2003 (Year of the Goat, Month of the Goat and Day of the Goat), you can find the book in the Catalonia Taoist Association, for just 15 Euros. You will have the opportunity of meeting the Master and get your copy autographed.

Also available in the nearest bookstore:
Title: Conocer el Taoismo (Knowing Taoism)
Author: Master Tian Cheng Yang.
Collection: Library of the Health: Kairos Publishing
ISBN: 84-7245-531-9

If you live outside Barcelona or Spain, you can contact different distributors for the Kairos Publishing around the world. Also you can get the book online.
In the market starting July, 2003



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