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Was born in the province of Shan Dong (People¡¯s Republic of China.) As a child, with his grandfather Tian Xi Ting learned: traditional Chinese medicine, I Ching, martial arts, acupuncture, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, classic literature and old Chinese calligraphy.

1972 - 1982. He studied in the Shan Dong Public School, while he continued learning with his grandfather.

1982 - 1985. He joins the Tai Qing Gong Taoist Temple in Mount Lao Shan in the city of Qing Dao, to study and practice Taoism. There during 7 years with the great Taoists masters he studies: Taoist Philosophy, ancient Taoist books, means to strengthen health, Xiu Lian (internal practice), Inner Alchemy, Outer Alchemy, Alchemy of the Yin-Yang, Taoist ceremonies, Taoist theology, Taoist music, Dao Fa (mysterious energy), Fu Lu (drawings and secret words), inner Chi Kung, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, martial arts, "Zheng Gu Dian X¨¹e" (algebra and osteology with digitalpuncture of the key points), Taoist Astronomy, Dao Shan (Taoist dietetic medicine), Taoist traditional medicine, Taoist acupuncture, Taoist Literature....

1985 - 1987. He held a teaching post as Master in the "Tai Qing Gong" Taoist Temple of Mount Lao Shan and in the "Bi Xia Chi" Taoist Temple in Mount Tai Shan in the city of Tai An.

1987 - 1988. Is transferred to the Taoist Institute of China in Beijing. In order to make improvement studies, for a year, writing his first article "the Chi Kung in the Taoist Breathing," in the Taoism of China journal.

1988. In October, was Special Guest of the Scientific Research Association of Chi Kung from China in the "First Great Congress of Traditions Research of Chi Kung of China" in the city of Qing Dao.

1989. In May, he is designated as Joint Director of the Temple of "Tai Qing Gong" and member representing the Federation of Young People of the province Shan Dong. In July, is transferred to the Beijing and appointed Secretary of the Center for Taoists Affairs of the China Taoist Association in the White Clouds Temple in Beijing.

1990. In December, he delivered a conference, "Praying Prayers of Taoism" before a delegation of 60 representatives of the Association for the Reorganization of Temples in Taiwan, in the Assembly Hall of the Committee for Political Negotiations of China.

1992. Appointed researcher of the Research Center of Taoist Culture of the China Taoist Association, to which he is member to date. It has published numerous books and articles in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan).

1994 - 1996. Licentiate degree in Economic Administration from the Institute for Youth Policies of China.

1996. In March, visited Hong Kong as part of a delegation of eleven members representing the Ministry of the United Front, the Government Office of Religions Council and the Taoist Association, to deal with the unification and exchanges of Taoist culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

1999. On September 29th, he arrived in Spain invited by the Autonomous University of Madrid, to deliver a conference and to teach classes on traditional Chinese culture: Taoism, philosophy, Chinese traditional medicine, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Xiu Lian and Feng Shui.... He is the first Chinese Taoist master who comes to Europe. In December, delivers a conference in the Autonomous University of Madrid on "Philosophical and Religious Taoism in the book of Tao" and another one at the Embassy of China in Spain on "Taoism and Chinese Culture". The 1st of December was guest of the Ilustr¨ªsimo Mr. Joan Clos, Mayor of Barcelona.

2000 - 2001. Teaches in the following Centers of Barcelona: "Association of Neighbors in San Ramon", "Barceloneta Civic Center ", "Casino of Hostafranc" and " Yin Yang Association ".

2000 - 2001 - 2002. In April invited to the III, IV and V, "Tai Chi Chuan Marathon of Catalonia". In October invited to the II, III and IV, "Tai Chi Chuan Marathon of Spain". With his students, there were exhibitions of Taoist Chi Kung and Taoist Tai Chi Chuan.

2001. In May, with his students and followers founded the "Catalonia Taoist Association ". In October, as a way of promoting the practical way Taoist culture in the West, founded the first Taoist Temple of Europe, the "Temple of Purity and Silence." There the Spanish Institute of Taoism was established, where the master at the moment, is dedicated to the teaching of Taoism to those interested Spaniards with classes on: meditation, Tai Chi, Xiu Lian, Inner Alchemy, Inner Chi Kung, massage, Martial Arts, Taoist philosophy, Chinese language and other topics. Also Feng Shui, I Ching and Acupuncture consultations.

2002. On March 9th, was interviewed by BTV (Barcelona Television), for a special program, on the subject of "Death." On May 12th, was invited by UNESCO Association to participate in a gathering for the inter-religious dialogue. On August 13th, "Cadena Cope" radio network, interviewed him on the subject of Feng Shui, and edits and finishes the edition of his following book "Knowing Taoism," written in Spanish and targeted with the West in mind. By the end of that year, he returns to China to published another book in Chinese.

2003. Returns from China in March, with the last proof of the book. On July 21, the book Knowing Taoism is published. Prepares close students and disciples for the participation the Catalonia Taoist Association in the Forum 2004 event. During the last ten years had written papers on Taoism for the Office of Religions of the Government Council and for the China Taoist Association and has published numerous books, articles and papers in journals among others: Taoism, Philosophy, Xiu Lian, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Taoist Medicine, Acupuncture and Calligraphy.





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