How to become a disciple of Master Tian Cheng Yang?




In our page to date we have received more than 12,000 visitors and some followers wish to become disciples of Master Tian to learn Taoism. For that reason it is necessary to follow the following steps:
1. The apprentice has to write a letter to the Master, expressing his intentions and his knowledge on Taoism (with date of birth and resent photo).

2. If the Master considers that the person corresponds to the condition of Taoism, writes a letter for the new disciple and will give him a Taoist name (in Chinese).

3. The Master chooses a Taoist holy day and through a ceremony, presents a letter for the Heaven of Tao.

4. Later the disciple will continue to study Taoism with the Master during all his life.

5. The disciple at the beginning has to be member of the Catalonia Taoist Association and has the responsibility to help financially sustain the Taoist Temple in Barcelona and the Catalonia Taoist Association.

6. Barcelona disciples will have to pay a quota to the Catalonia Taoist Association for the Temple's maintenance. Disciples from others regions will make a yearly payment at once.

7. The disciples have the right to attend Master Tian's classes and he has the obligation of teaching the Taoist doctrine to the disciples.

8. Disciples from other regions can through the Web page or by regular mail, ask questions to the Master. The Association can send training materials to the disciples. Also is possible to come to Barcelona for a period of time to study Taoism with the Master.





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