Chronology of events in the creation of the Qing Jing Gong: The Temple of Purity and Silence, the first European Taoist temple.


September 29. Master Tian Chengyang arrives in Spain by invitation of the Autonomous University of Madrid, to deliver a conference and to teach classes on traditional Chinese culture: Taoism, philosophy, Chinese traditional medicine, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Xiu Lian and Feng Shui. He is the first Chinese Taoist master who arrives to Europe.

December14.  Master Tian lectures at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid on "Philosophical and Religious Taoism in the Book of the Tao," and at the Chinese Embassy in Spain on "Taoism and Chinese Culture."

December 20.  Mrs. Taciana Fisac ( Director, Center for Eastern Asia Studies of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid ) wrote a letter stating that ¡°Mr. Tian Chengyang (Tian Suchun ) is a well-known Taoist Master from the China Taoist Association Research Center, where for many years have  conducted teaching and research activities. Mr. Tian is an eminent scholar of Taoism and of the traditional Chinese culture, witnessed by the numerous written articles and published books and lectures. Due to the relevance of the merits and scholarly knowledge of Master Tian, and due to the scarcity of specialists in the field in Spain, we are sure his presence among us will redound for the benefits of the Chinese culture studies in our country.¡±


October turns in the final draft of his book in Spanish "Knowing Taoism" to Kairos Publishing for it´s publication.

December 1. Master Tian meets with Ilustr¨ªsimo Mr. Joan Clos, Mayor of Barcelona.



October the 19. Master Tian delivers a lecture at the Center for Promotion of the Catalonian Popular and Traditional Culture on the topic: ¡°Taoism and the Tai Chi Chuan.¡±


In May, along with his students and collaborators, founded the Catalonia Taoist Association.

In October supported by the Catalonian Taoist Association, the first European Taoist temple, the Temple of  Purity and Silence (Qing Jing Gong) was created, incorporated as a Taoist religious entity.


March 9. Master Tian is interviewed live by BTV channel in the Barcelona television special on "The concept of Death." 

May 12. Along with disciples of the Temple, Master Tian is invited by UNESCO Catalonia to participate in an encounter for inter religious dialog.

August 13. Master Tian is interviewed live in a radio program by La Cadena Cope station, on the subject of "Feng Shui and Taoism."


July. The book Knowing Taoism, Kairos Publishing, is off-press. It is the first Taoist book written in Spanish by a Chinese Taoist Master.


October 4. Celebration of the "Chong Yang" Taoist festival (September 9, Chinese Calendar), at the Temple of  Purity and Silence. A Chinese journalist was present and wrote a news article entitle "Visit to the Taoist Temple in Barcelona,"  published in the Ou Hua Chinese newspaper which circulates throughout Europe.

 November 28. Received a Fax of approval from the China Taoist Association.


December. Master Tian Cheng Yang writes "The Taoist Concept of the Universe" and "The Buddhist Concept of the Universe," for the "Encounter of Cultures" event that took place in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz.


September 20-24. Catalonia Taoist Association in collaboration with La Formiga Socio-cultural Association in the cultural activities in La Merc¨¨ area. Master Tian teaches calligraphy on the soil ¨Can original and ecological Taoist art.


November 20-23. In Albacete, Master Tian teaches a course on ¡°Taoist Xiu Lian.¡± La Gacetilla newspaper interviewed Master Tian and published an article about Taoism.


The book The Voice of Religious Communities is published for the Universal Forum of Cultures event in Barcelona. Taoism is portrayed as a self-organized entity. Pictures of the Temple and texts of Master Tian Cheng Yang were also included.

April 24. Taoists of the Temple performed the first public ceremony before a Catalonian audience, as a rehearsal for the IV World Parliament of Religions event in the Jesuit's Center in Sarri¨¢, Barcelona.

May 8. The Catalonia Taoist Association organizes the first Tai Chi party together with the China-Barcelona Association at the University of Barcelona plaza, with different Tai Chi groups from Barcelona participating. The Chinese Vice consul attended and the Chinese newspaper Ou Hua reported the activity with several pictures.


July 1-3. Master Tian was invited to the "Dialogues on East and West Cultures" organized by the Asia House as part of the activities for the Culture's Forum.

July 7-13. Master Tian Cheng Yang (Su Chun Tian) and Spanish Taoists, actively participated in the IV World Parliament of Religions in the following activities:

July 8. The first official public Taoist ceremony in Spanish history was celebrated before the Spanish and worldwide audiences. The El Periodico and La Vanguardia newspapers published news articles and pictures on this ceremony. That same day we participated in the "Cultural Diversity" conference.


July 10. Ceremony reading Taoist Sacred Texts in three languages: Chinese, Spanish and Catalonian at the Temple of Purity and Silence. Attendants from different religious denominations were present.


July 11. Master Tian delivered a lecture on "How to Practice Taoism in the West."

July 12. Participation in the "Sustainable Development" conference.

July 13. Participation in the "Peace" conference.


December 14. Master Tian is invited by Chancellor and Secretary to the formal presentation of the book The Other Religions, a study made by the Sociology of Religion Research Team, headed by professor Joan Estruch of the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, and by appointment of the Direccio d'Afers General Religiosos (General Office for Religious Affairs.) In this publication Taoism is quoted as being present in Spain.


May 3. Participation to the First Catalonian Religions Representatives Conference, on the subject "Religion as an Element of Social Integration." Master Tian Cheng Yang (Su Chun Tian) was acknowledged as the official representative of Taoism in Catalonia.

May 29. Master Tian lectures on "What is Taoism" and leads a short meditation practice within the framework of the "2005 Catalonian Parliament of Religions."

June 11. Professor Jose Luis Cancelo, Coordinator of the Religions Sciences Department of La Salle Centro Superior de Estudios Universitarios arrives in Barcelona to meet with Master Tian Cheng Yang and to visit the Temple.


July 19. Signing Act of Constitution of the Catalonia Inter religious Council of which Taoists are part, along with The Archbishopric of Barcelona, The Evangelical Council of Catalonia, The Islamic Council, The Israelite Community, The Spanish Orthodox Church, The Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Community, The Baha'i Community and The Sij Religious Council of Catalonia.
Participation in inter religious activities promoted by the
UNESCO Catalonia Center, as well as Taoists celebrations and ceremonies in Temple at appointed dates.


As a result of Professor Jose Luis Cancelo's previous visit, international video conferencing courses are prepared for the month of October, in collaboration with the Religions Sciences Department of La Salle Centro Superior de Estudios Universitarios and the Universidad Ramon Llull of Barcelona, in which several countries will participate.

October 19. Master Tian lectures on ¡°Longevity in the Taoist Religion and the Purpose of Reincarnation¡± at the Universidad Ram¨®n Llull of Barcelona, as part of one of the international video-conference courses, in collaboration with the Department of Religious Sciences of the College´s Higher Center Studies at La Salle of Madrid. Several countries participated.

November 11. A group of professors and students from the Center of Higher Studies of La Salle University in Madrid, visited the Temple of Purity and Silence in Barcelona.  Both religions, Christianity and Taoism presented inter religious ceremonies.


February 13. The Temple of Purity and Silence, Qing Jing Gong, is incorporated in the Registry of Religious Organizations of Spain as a Taoist organization, where the Spanish government recognizes the spiritual content of Taoism. It was the first Taoist entity incorporated in Europe.

March 1-6.  Zen Master and disciples from the Buddhist monastery Lian Hua Huo Chan Tai of the United States, came for a visit to the Temple of Purity and Silence in Barcelona.

April 22-23. The Catalonia Taoist Association participated in the ¡°Fila de Terra¡± event at the Ciutadella Park, where Master Tian lectured on ¡°The Xiu Lian Practice for the Betterment of Living,¡± and demonstrated the Chi Kung set dragon style, together with his disciples.

May 29.  Master Tian together with disciples Carolina and Artur, participated in the II Parliament of Catalonian Religions in Manresa, lecturing on ¡°The Humain of Taoist Religion.¡±

June.  Master Tian wrote ¡°The Showing of Concern for Life in Taoism¡± for the IV Communal Infirmary Theoretical Foundations: Diversity of beliefs and cares.

October 18 and November 29. Master Tian delivered a video-conference on ¡°Humanization in Taoist Religion¡± in the Ram¨®n Llull University of Barcelona, as part of the International on-going courses in cooperation with Department of Religious Sciences of the University´s Higher Center Studies at La Salle of Madrid. Several countries participated.

November 6Th. Carolina, President of the Catalonia Taoist Association and disciple to Master Tian spoke on ¡°History and content of Taoism¡± at the Inter religious Center in Barcelona.


March 8. President of the French Sanyuan Taoist Association and Assistant of the French Taoist Association, M. Scerbo and Hongjian Huang, visited the Spain Taoist Association and the Temple of Purity and Silence. They worshiped in the LaoZi sanctuary and have been requested to become disciples by Master Tian. They accepted and the initiation ceremony was conducted by Master Tian and Taoist names were bestowed upon them. There were talks and agreements during their visit for cooperation between Spain and France to promote Taoism in Europe and throughout the world.

April 22-27. Chinese Taoism celebrated the International Forum of the Daodejing in the ancient city of Xi An--where Lao ZI wrote the Tao Te King, and in Hong Kong, with a cycle of conferences, activities and shows. The Council for the Chinese State Religions invited Master Tian, who attended with four of his western disciples. They visited the Chinese Taoist Association for the first time.

October 19. Master Tian lectured on Taoism at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.


April  4-8. Master Tian travels to Paris to teach classes to the representatives of the San Yuan Taoist Association of France, French Taoist Association and the Swiss Taoist Association. These associations together with the Spain Taoist Association agreed in establishing the Taoist European Union, to built a temple in the mountains to become the Taoist European center which aim is to promote Taoism in Europe in the rest of the World.

December 1. At Casa Asia of Barcelona, Master Tian lectured on ¡°Learning the Taoist Culture in Order to Live Better.¡± Followup weekly lectures were schedule to take place at the Spain Taoist Association, about Chinese culture and to learn about the Taoist methods of living.


March 4. EFE news agency correspondent in Beijing Paloma Caballero, interviewed Master Tian, and published an article in the 20 Minutos newspaper.

March 12-30. Master Tian travels to Germany to deliver several introductory lectures on Taoism at the Tian Gong Institute of Berlin. Schedule was also Meditation classes and Taoist Tai Chi Dragon Style at the Judo and Tai Chi Club of Ellwangen.

April 20. Master Tian delivered a conference organized by the M.I. Municipality of Tudela (Navarra) through the Castelruiz Cultural Center entitled ¡°The Way of the Tao¡ªthe Meaning of Life.¡±

May 23-24. The Catalonia Taoist Association participates in the activities of ¡§La mostra D¡¯enditats del districte de L¡¯eixample,¡§ in which Master Tian presented the Chi Kung and Tai Chi dragon style sets.


TAO-TE CHINGCatalonia Taoist Association Statutes