The answer from Master Tian


Hello, Jesus Leza Mayor,

I have received your letter. The Chinese complete text and my translation is as follows:

The words that speak the truth are not attractive,
attractive words can not express the truth.
A kind man does not argue,
one who argues is not a kind man.
A professional is not erudite,
the erudite is not a professional.
The wise person does not accumulate anything for himself,
he lives for others and this way he obtains much more,
he gives to other people and he obtains in abundance.
The Tao of heaven facilitates but does not harm,
the way of the wise acts but does not dispute.

If we want to learn the Tao-te Ching we have to understand two important aspects: one is the way of the Taoist practice (Xiu Lian) that we have followed more than 5000 years; another is the Chinese language that include the ancient dialects. At the moment these two are difficult for Spaniards.

The book of Lao Tse can be found in any bookstore (for example: Ed - Integral; Ediciones Martinez Roca; Tecnos; Blue Editorial; Edaf.; Ricardo Aguilera; Sirio.) The problem with translations is that they are very superficial.







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