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Dear partners and supporters:

Taoism has history of more than five thousand years and is one of the oldest cultures in the World. Taoism does not believe in an existing governing personal principle of the cosmos, but trusts in the Tao, considered to be the origin of the Universe. Every day there are more westerners seeking to know various aspects of Taoism in order to improve their lives. Taoism is very noble, very poetic and naturalist, but is difficult is to find a Taoist master in the West.

The Spain Taoist Association and the Temple of Purity and Silence of Barcelona were founded by the Taoist master Tian Chengyang, being the first Chinese Taoist master coming to Europe as a Jian Yuan of a temple (abbot). By registering the Temple of Purity and Silence as a Taoist religious organization, (it is the first European Taoist Temple) the Spanish state recognizes the spiritual contents of Taoism. The Temple offers a wide range of possibilities to the people who would like to join and deepen their knowledge about the Taoist world.

Right now, we are enthusiastic about acquiring a place to setup a traditional Taoist temple, to become the foundation for a future European Taoist Centre. A place with good Feng Shui chosen by Master Tian and located in the mountain forest near Barcelona, with water resources and full of verdure throughout the year; a place destined to the practice, study and the Taoist training. A place called to be the visible Taoist way of life, which would attract and serve as a point of contact between Taoists, believers, supporters, and a place to purify the heart and return to Nature.


We have designed an ambitious plan for the future Temple that would include:

A Sanctuary of Lao Zi, to carry out Taoist ceremonies and other activities.

A Great Hall of the Tao, to attend, learn and practice lessons from Taoist masters.

A museum exhibition of sacred objects, representing more than five thousand years of Taoist history.

A library with more than ten thousand Taoist texts, where it would be possible to have at hand Taoist books translated into each language.

Small logging houses for Taoist disciples, followers and supporters.

The Institute of Taoism, committed to the instruction of several aspects of Taoism such as: philosophy and Taoist history, Taoist Theology, Taoist ceremonies, Taoist Literature, meditation, Xiu Lian, Inner Alchemy, Outer Alchemy, Alchemy of Yin¨CYang, Female Alchemy, methods to strengthen health, Taoist astronomy, Taoist architecture, Taoist aesthetics, Taoist mythology, Taoist psychology, the art of Taoist love and sex, Taoist traditional medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, numerology and Taoist digit-puncture, massage, Internal Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Internal Martial Arts, Taoist music, medicinal Taoist diet, Chinese language, I Ching and Feng Shui, etc.

The Taoist Research Centre, for the research and translation of Taoists texts, as a way to spread and promote Taoism for everyone.

The Taoist Arts Centre, for studies, exhibits, visits and learning of Chinese calligraphy, painting and the beautiful arts of traditional Taoism.

The Centre of Internal Martial Arts, for the education in internal martial arts of traditional Taoism.

A garden of flourishing plants, with a lagoon seeded of lotuses, fishes, turtles and other species, for inspiration and practice in the middle of Nature.

A Taoist Centre with herbalist¡¯s and a garden of medicinal plants; to exert the Taoist traditional medicine and to apply the method of Taoist medicinal production; for the practice the External Alchemy of the rejuvenation and the longevity.

A Taoist refectory with a natural garden for culturing vegetables and fruits for the use in the Taoist gastronomy, and herbs for medicinal teas among other uses.

All the architectural designs and the construction of the Temple will be oriented and based on Taoist¡¯s traditional systems such as the Pa Kua and Taoist astronomy in order to build a paradise of immortality.

This great project needs the collaboration of all Europeans interested, who believe in the benefits of rooting Taoism in the West. In order to start this plan, we envision reaching more than one thousand persons, each one donating a minimum of one hundred euros, in such a way that our future Temple is near to become a reality, until finally materialize it in light of the Tao. Amounts can be periodically deposited by authorizing your bank, or by sporadic bank transfers or bank drafts when desired. Also properties, real estate or land could be donated.


As Taoists we consider that the important thing is faith, benevolence, constancy, reliability and to walk the way. As stated in the Tao Te Ching: ¡°A long way of thousand miles begins with a first step.¡±


Peace and Tao


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